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Pool owners should never have chemicals in home 

By Rick Montgomery

For the Salisbury Post, July 26, 2012

The Salisbury Post’s recent article concerning a chemical reaction while mixing pool shock with water was of great interest to me, as I have been in the swimming pool business for more than 30 years.

First, pool chemicals should never be stored, or taken, inside the home. All pool chemicals are harmful if ingested or misused. They should always be stored where children or animals do not have access to them.

The affected couple are not my customers, but this was the second occurrence of an injury of that type of which I am aware. A woman in Charlotte also experienced chemical burns while mixing pool shock in water. While I am not familiar with the exact cause of the Salisbury accident, I am familiar with the Charlotte occurrence.

Before mass merchandisers started selling pool chemicals, pool shock was generally calcium hypochlorite. It should be pre-dissolved in water if you are using the product in a vinyl-lined pool. It has a ph of 11.8 and is a strong oxidizer. It is sold in bulk sizes and also in 1-pound bags labeled “pool shock.”

This product is generally sold today only by professional swimming pool dealers.

They may also sell lithium hypochlorite (ph of 10.7), sodium di-clor (ph of 6.9) or powdered tri-chlor (ph of 2.9). The problem for the consumer is that all of these products may be labeled as “pool shock.”

Mass merchandisers, due to calcium hypochlorite being a strong oxidizer, are now selling 1-pound bags of powdered tri-chlor or sodium di-chlor labeled as “pool shock.” Tri-clor is very hard to dissolve in water, and in my opinion should never be used in a vinyl-lined swimming pool, as it may cause discoloration of the liner if not completely dissolved.

Any of the different types of shock mentioned above should never be mixed together in a bucket of water. For example, if a consumer purchases powdered tri-chlor labeled as “pool shock” and has a different bag labeled “pool shock” that is calcium hypochlorite and adds them together in a bucket of water, it will create a chemical reaction that will cause serious burns and possibly a fire.

Calcium hypochlorite will support combustion, and one must avoid mixing it with acids, ammonia, tri-chlor or just about anything but water. This was the cause of the Charlotte accident, which made the local news last year. Two different types of “pool shock,” calcium hypochlorite and powdered tri-clor, were mixed with water in a bucket. The woman was hospitalized and treated for chemical burns.

All types of chlorine are dangerous. Consumers should never mix any pool chemicals together that are not identical. Reading labels before purchasing is extremely important. Check the small print to assure compatibility with the products you already have.

Breathing fumes when opening a pail of chlorine is very dangerous and should be avoided.

If you don’t want to use any chlorine products, you can investigate alternate pool sanitation systems. For example, my preference is a salt sanitation system. This is a proven technology that makes chlorine from salt and eliminates purchasing and handling chlorine products.



 Total Alkalinity Increaser, 50 Lb. bag
(Compare to Balance Pack 100)

 Calcium Hardness Increaser, 50 Lb. bag
Compare to Balance Pack 300)
 Ph Increaser, 50 Lb. bag
(Compare to Balance Pack 200)
25 Lb. Calcium shockwave
(granular chlorine- 68% available chlorine)
50 Lb. Calcium Hypochlorite shockwave
(granular chlorine- 68% available chlorine)
 100 Lb. Calcium Hypochlorite shockwave
(granular chlorine- 68% available chlorine)
25 Lb. 3” tab 
(90% available chlorine)
50 Lb. 3” tab 
(90% available chlorine)
25 Lb. chlorine sticks 
(90% available chlorine)
50 Lb. chlorine sticks 
(90% available chlorine)
24 One pound bags shock 
(68% available chlorine) 
$64.75 ($2.70 each)
5 Lb. Sodium Di- Clor
(Compare to Super Soluble)
4 per case.  Sold separately or by the case.
$28.00 each or $108.00 per case
Filter Cleaner Degreaser
G25 25,000 gallons Copper
silver Vision cartridge 
G35 35,000 gallons Copper
silver Vision cartridge 
G45 45,000 gallons Copper
silver Vision cartridge 

Magic Pools & Spas carries an excellent Copper based algaecide available in single quart bottles for mustard and hard to kill algae strains for $24.00 a quart.

* All quart bottles must be purchased in case lots only, except as noted where single containers are available.

 Algaecide 60
Case of 12 (Compare to algae All 60)
($14.75 per quart)
 Algaecide 30
Case of 12
($10.67 per quart)
Sea-Klear Copper algaecide
Sold separately or by the case. Case of 12 quarts.
Copper will not flash out of solution. This product kills all types algae.
$28.00 Each
($336.00/ case)
Jack's Magic "The Blue Stuff"
Metal Remover.
Sold separately or by the case.
(Case of 12 quarts)
$26.50 Each
($315.00 case)
Natural Chemistry Metal Free
Sold separately or by the case.
(Case of 12 quarts)
($19.00 per quart)
Sea Klear Metal Remover
Sold separately or by the case.
(Case of 12 quarts)
($18.75 per quart)
Stain & Scale Control
Case of 12

$18.00 per quart
($216.00 per case)

Stabilizer 4 Lb. container
Case of 4
($14.50 each)
Stabilizer 8 lb.  container
Case of 4
($26.00 each)
Stabilizer 100 lb. container $179.00
6 Lb. PH Minus
Case of 4
(Compare to Lo N Slo)
($9.75 each)
10 Lb. PH Minus
Case of 4
(Compare to Lo N Slo)
($15.50 each)
Muriatic Acid
Case of 4 gallons
(Note: Use in the place of Lo N Slo and save money)
($6.00 per gallon)
Filter Sand
50 lb. bag
Salt, 40 Lbs. 
Food grade pool salt, very fine, fast dissolving
$10.95 bag

Note:  Super Soluble, Balance Pack 100, Balance Pack 200, Balance Pack 300, Algae-All 60 and Lo N Slo are registered trademarks of BioLab, Inc.  The references to these items are for comparison purposes only to the generic products sold by Magic Pools and Spas.

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