Salt Water System

 For many pool owners, a salt sanitation system is the best way to keep their pools clean and crystal clear.    

Why salt sanitation?  

*Reduced maintenance * Never buy chlorine tabs or sticks, pool shock or algaecide again *Incredibly clear water *No eye irritation *Salt levels required are much lower than sea water *You can even run your system with very little or no salt taste *Break the pool store habit *Greatly reduced costs for chemicals  

Most of our salt customers spend less than $125.00 per year for needed supplies. 


Why Buy From Us?


Magic Pools and Spas is a Factory Authorized Service Center for Hayward Goldline Salt Sanitation Systems.  

We extend the In-ground pool Goldline factory warranty from one year labor, three years parts to a three years parts and labor warranty on the Goldline in-ground systems we install.  


What's Included?

 Our price includes professional installation, all required salt, a commercial test kit and a pool water program for your home computer.  You'll never have to visit a pool store again.  We will deliver your required balancing chemicals to your home as needed at a huge savings over the pool store. And all installations include a full orientation at your home.  

Enjoy your pool this year more than ever!  Contact us today for more information! 

Magic Pool Care System

It’s not an illusion.  Cloudy water, green water, and water that burns the eyes are real problems.  You didn’t bargain for all this when you decided on a pool.  Let Magic Pools and Spas help you get a handle on your pool's maintenance.    

We will consult with you and provide the tools you need to correct the problem!  We can tell you all about the latest technologies that will help you maintain the clear, clean water you want.    

The Magic Pool Care System is designed so that you never have to visit a pool store.  All the chemicals you will ever need for your pool will be delivered right to your door!  And there's more! We don't leave you guessing at what chemicals to add when.  We will give you all the tools you need to keep your pool looking spectacular all season long!  

You will receive:  

 *A commercial grade test kit that will allow you to do all water tests with the same accuracy as the pool store.  *Introduction to a software app that will compute the exact amount of chemicals your pool needs, based on your test results.

 *Unlimited phone support should you have any questions.   

*Quality pool supplies delivered to your home at a huge discount over retail pool store prices.    

Our areas

 We cover a wide service area from the following counties: Rowan, Iredell, Cabarrus, Mecklenburg, Davidson, Davie, Forsyth, Guilford, and Stanly, so we are always close by!  Contact us today, and make your pool problems disappear!