Decking and pavers


Is your concrete stained, cracked, or chipped? Does your pool deck lack character? Is it time to remodel your poolscape? We can help!


 Magic Pools and Spas can transform your ordinary concrete deck into a stunning poolside complement. We offer a wide range of colors and treatments that will enhance the beauty of your backyard poolscape.  

Replicate the look of expensive brick, cobblestone, or slate at a fraction of the cost with our concrete coatings, or go all out and install pavers on top of your existing pool deck for an instant transformation!  

Our concrete products are scientifically formulated to bond to the surface of your current concrete, creating a new surface that is long-lasting and extremely resilient. And our coatings make surfaces much easier to maintain than ordinary concrete – oil and mud simply wash away. 


 On the other hand, our thin pavers are laid in a "floating" layer on top of the concrete pool deck.  They will never crack because they are made to be able to expand and contract with the weather with no unwanted side effects like cracks.  Besides all that, they make your pool look truly gorgeous!  

Either treated concrete surfaces or thin pavers will greatly improve the overall look of your home and pool, setting it apart from others and enhancing the value for years to come.    

Contact us today to get started on your pool!              

Below you will see some photos of the many different options you have with our concrete coatings.  There are stamps, overlays, stencils, acid washes, and more.  Browse through the pictures, then contact us to select the coating you want!