Vinyl Liner Pools

 Magic Pools and Spas is proud to build the Fort Wayne Elite “Free Standing” Structural Design Resin pool system.  The patented non-corrosive deck and wall support system, liners, walk-in steps, safety covers, and components are all made in the USA by a single manufacturer. This eliminates the need for "field fitting" many different  components supplied by various suppliers from around the country which sometimes voids each other's warranties.  

While deciding on a pool for your family we strongly urge you to be more concerned and discriminating with your choice of a qualified company and the materials used... and here's why!  Choosing a solid and established organization will undoubtedly assure that you will receive the finest materials available automatically. It's simply a bonus of choosing the right company.  

For nearly 30 years Magic Pools and Spas has been the leader in quality, non-corrosive, in-ground pool construction business in North Carolina. We have designed, developed, and installed our pool systems in hundreds of local backyards. The development of our pool system is based upon decades of experience and knowing what works and what does not. 

Did you know?



Steel Pools came into being during the early 1950s. They were easy to manufacture, inexpensive, and could be installed by most do-it-yourselfers and start-up pool companies. It was 1950's technology at its best. Sad to say, not much has changed over the last 60 years, and the market share of steel wall packaged pools has significantly declined as the industry turns to more advanced and stronger non-corrosive materials. 

Not only in pool walls, but pumps and filters too!


 Locally there are several companies selling the same steel pool wall produced by a single manufacturer. Different brochures, different names, same pool. Some claim to add a “coating” that is supposed to stop rust.  All of these are being advertised with thousands of dollars in pricing variation. Basically a "What the market will bear" approach to the same outdated product. 

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